Thank you for keeping me waiting,

It taught me patience.

Thank you for keeping me in the shadows,

It made me more observant and objective;

And helped me see you as you played out.

Thank you for the drama,

It's lessons are songs to my soul;

Forever singing, forever ringing,

The melodies of your sorrowful praise.

Thank you for the words of your body,

The screams of your eyes;

They spoke more truth than your lips.

I can't underestimate their assistance.

Thank you for your acceptance in guise,

It made me see that I'm not even good,

Good enough for you.

I learnt to value myself for who I am.

Thank you for yourself,

For the gift of you;

It helped me find ME!

It helped me find the gift of myself;

The gift in myself: The ME in me!

© Alpha Writings

Awka, Nigeria

13th August, 2020